2 Point Lap Belt with Starburst Buckle

  • Our 2-Point Lap Seat Belts with the classic starburst center push button  buckles are very popular for classic cars, bench seats, anchor points that are hard to reach, and seats where the buckle needs to be flexible.  This style of buckle was used in passenger cars, and is great when matching a nostalgic or classic style. Mounting hardware can be purchased separately.

    • Compliant with Federal Regulations FMVSS 209 and FMVSS 302.
    • Webbing Measures 1 7/8" wide
    • Can be made with any of 30 different webbing colors
    • Easy to install in front or rear seat applications
    • Our most popular sizes are 60", 74" and 90" lengths
    • Adjustable Tongue allows male piece to be adjustable in length.


OEM Quality, built for you.

All OEM Seat Belts are manufactured here in the United States.

This is a universal fit 2-point lap belt replacement seat belt, and is designed to fit in many different types of vehicles with little or no modifications.  It is interchangeable between the left side and right side, and can be used for driver or passenger seats.  

This seat belt is easy to install with mounting brackets included at each end of the seat belt.  Installation hardware is also available for purchase.

2-Point Lap Belt Product Features

All OEM Seatbelts are assembled, sewn, tested and approved in the USA

Replacement Seat Belt Notes

  • These seat belts are adjustable in length
  • The lap belts adjust to a maximum 60", 74", 90" and 110".
  • These seat belts are non-retractable
  • For larger occupants, we recommend 74" lap belts or longer, so a seat belt extender will not be required.
  • These seat belts are lap belts only (not 3-point seat belts)
  • If anchor points are not present, then proper anchorage points must be installed by a professional before seat belt installation.
  • For older American cars, 74" or longer seat belts are most common
  • 110" lap belts are great for Motorhomes and RV bench seats where the anchor brackets are mounted to the floor.

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