75" 2 Point Retractable Lap Belt (no angle ELR) with cover, and Normally Open electric buckle

  • ELR retractors are great for lap belts where you want to maximize comfort.  This is our most popular 2-point seat belt across the United States because it allows webbing to move freely for the occupant, and only locks when needed.  This is different than Automatic Locking Retractors (ALRs) that lock in place and keep tightening.  Our large volumes with this OEM seatbelt makes this a great value.  The retractor can be mounted at any angle, and comes with a full cover.  Choose from two different buckles: 8.5" cable buckle or a 4.5" metal bracket buckle.  

    • Exceeds Federal Regulations FMVSS 209 & 302 for on-road use, and SAE J386 for off-road use.
    • 70" of seat belt webbing.  Other colors available on special request only.  Just e-mail us to let us know what color you prefer.
    • 1 7/8" seat belt webbing 
    • Buckle head measures approximately 2 7/8" x 1 7/8"

OEM Quality, now available to you.

This is an OEM 2 Point Retractable ELR Seat Belt that you can't find anywhere else online.  It is used by many of the largest seat and vehicle manufacturers.  It was originally designed for passenger bus seats that needed a small retractor, but we have seen it used for almost every vehicle type that allows 2 Point seat belts.

This seat belt is manufactured here in the United States, so assuming you are purchasing this from the USA, we can ship it to you quickly.  But we no matter where you are in the world, we know you want to install it and put it to good use, so we will get it in the mail with the quickest service you select.  

We are offering this retractable lap belt with different seat belt buckle types and sizes, so you can easily put it to use on your vehicle.  Make sure you evaluate which buckle type is best for you, and measure properly before purchasing.  You can always e-mail us before you purchase if you have any questions.

This seat belt can be used for driver and passenger seats.

This seat belt is easy to install with a mounting bracket included at male end of the seat belt, and a metal bracket at the female end.  Installation hardware is also available for purchase.

2-Point Lap Belt Product Features

All OEM Seatbelts are assembled, sewn, tested and approved in the USA.

Replacement Seat Belt Notes

      • The male section of this seat belt is adjustable in length
      • The lap belts lengths are a maximum (i.e. 70" when fully extended)
      • This seat belts is retractable
      • This seat belts is a lap belt only (not a 3-point seat belts)
      • If anchor points are not present, then proper anchorage points must be installed by a professional before seat belt installation.

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