3 Point 2 inch Y-Style Harness

  • High performance street harness for hobbyists and weekend racers.
  • ECE R-16 and FMVSS 209 approved (not SFI approved) for on-road use.
  • OEM style end push button buckle / latch
  • Adjustable lap belt and shoulder belts.  Shoulder belts have two adjusters to allow easy tensioning in the back of your seat, and also from the front once you are buckled in.
  • Snap on clips for all four attachment points (eye bolts not included) make for easy installation and removal.
  • Crafted from high quality 2" polyester webbing, available in red, blue, and black.

Add Attachment Hardware

OEM Quality, built for you.

All OEM Seat Belts and Harnesses are made here in the United States.

This is a 3-point harness and is designed to fit in many different types of vehicles with little or no modifications.  It is interchangeable between the left side and right side, and can be used with most seat types.

This seat belt is easy to install with mounting brackets included at end of each belt. Installation hardware is also available for purchase.

3-Point Harness Product Features

All OEM Seatbelts are assembled, sewn, tested and approved in the USA

Y-Shape Harness Notes

  • This harness is adjustable in length around the lap and shoulders
  • The lap belts adjust to a maximum 50".
  • These harnesses are non-retractable
  • These harnesses have 3 anchorage points
  • If anchor points are not present in vehicle, then proper anchorage points must be installed by a professional before harness installation.

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