Seat Belt Extender with Buckle - Car Seat Belt Extender

  • This Seat Belt Extender with a buckle included requires no installation!  Simply click in the tongue to your existing buckle, and you have an extended seat belt buckle in only 5 seconds!  Please note, this extender is only suited for a seat belt with a matching tongue and buckle.  While this is the most common tongue and buckle in vehicles, it is not compatible with every tongue and buckle. We cannot offer returns because the tongue doesn't fit your buckle.

  • This Seat Belt Extender is suited for those who can't otherwise buckle their seat belts.  These extenders work perfectly as a quick solution for passengers in emergency medical transportation vehicles, people with limited mobility and others.

OEM Quality, built for you.

All OEM Seat Belts are made here in the United States.

This seat belt extender is easy to install with the buckle of your seat belt.  Simply insert the tongue into the buckle of your existing seat belt, and you now have a longer buckle! OEM seatbelts cannot guaranteed this extender works with your existing seat belt; you must check to confirm you have the same tongue design.  Different vehicles may have different seat belt types or models. If you have questions, we're here to help -- just send us an email!

Product Features

All OEM Seatbelts and seatbelt extenders are assembled, sewn, tested and approved in the USA.

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