OEM Seatbelts - Industry Leading Quality Seat Belts

OEM Seatbelts exists to provide the highest quality seat belts with the best service and price.  Seat belts are not a commodity, but an important safety device that saves lives.  OEM Seatbelts was founded when we realized how hard it was to buy proper belts.  Because of our long history working with the top OEM seat belt manufacturers, we are able to provide you with the safest technology available in the aftermarket.  You can have confidence buying seat belts from us because we have been providing aftermarket seat belts for over 30 years, and it is the only product we sell.  Seat belts are our passion, not just a product. 

There is a need for us in the marketplace because unless you are buying seat belts directly from your vehicle manufacturer, your only other option is to buy from the numerous online resellers or small manufacturers, who are all selling seat belts with components from Asia (copies are never as safe as the Original).  Not only that, but you will also be charged significantly marked-up prices.  Some even claim they don't sell Chinese seat belts, while knowingly selling seat belts from Taiwan.  OEM Seatbelts provides a reliable solution to aftermarket seat belts for your vehicle.