3 Point Retractable Seat Belts

  • Below you can buy 3 Point retractable seat belts manufactured by the leading automotive seat belt Original Equipment Manufacturers. Without us, these seat belts would not be available for the aftermarket seat belt installers. We sell the highest quality replacement seat belts, manufactured in the United States, and tested and certified to meet all Global and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Choose below from our selection of 3-point retractable seat belts that offer different buckles, lengths, and webbing colors. Seat belts should be safe, comfortable, and beautiful, and we work hard to get you what you need.

  • Note: Please examine your vehicle to determine if the seat belt is compatible with your application. Because seat belts are a safety product, they are non-refundable. So please do your research, and feel free to contact us with any questions. Unless otherwise noted, each replacement seat belt below is universal fit and does NOT have electrical wiring.

These are universal aftermarket seat belts. Seat belts for specific vehicle model, make or year can be custom ordered.

What is a 3-point retractable seat belt?
A three-point retractable seat belt is a retractable safety belt that has three anchorage points. The seat belt has a "Y" shape, and has a shoulder strap that supports the upper body in a crash. In a collision the 3-Point belt spreads out the energy of the impact over the chest and pelvis. Volvo was the first automobile manufacturer to put three-point seat belts in their cars. 3-Point safety belts use Emergency Locking Retractors, which wind or retract the webbing to store the webbing. This inertia locking retractor mechanism provides maximum safety and comfort by self-adjusting the webbing to the size of the person, but allowing the occupant to move, with the retractor locking in a crash.

Why wear 3-point retractable seat belts?

The United States conducted research on the effectiveness of seat belts by analyzing 40,000 vehicle occupants involved in car accidents. Of these 40,000 people, 80% were wearing no safety belts, 18% were reported wearing two-point safety belts, or lap belts, and 2% were reported wearing a three-point safety belt. Of the 2% wearing three-point seat belts, no fatalities were reported. The results concluded that users of a three-point safety belt had a 60% lower serious injury rate and a 41% lower rate of all other injuries.

Additional security for 3-point retractable seat belts:

All of the three-point seat belts we sell have dual sensitive ELR retractors, which means they are angle sensitive and webbing sensitive. DO NOT use a seat belt that allows the webbing to be extracted at any angle. This is old technology that does not offer proper protection because it allows the shoulder belt to slowly slip out, and if there is a collision your body is not secured against displacement. OEM retractors are designed to operate at specific angles or positions. Therefore, your retractor must be installed at the correct angle for the seat belt to function properly. Sudden vehicle movement in any direction will also cause the retractor to lock. When you receive your seat belt, it may be locked temporarily due to being out of position or from movement during transit. The retractor can also lock when there is too much webbing in the spool. To unlock the retractor you must mount it in position, pull the webbing very tight, slowly release the webbing back into the retractor spool using your fingers to help turn the spool, and then slowly extract the webbing. Unless otherwise noted, the retractor used in your seat belt will be 90°-90°.


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