Seat Belt Installation Instruction FAQs

Seat Belt installation will vary from vehicle to vehicle. Installation will also vary by which type of seat belt you purchase. OEM Seatbelts cannot give you specific instructions regarding seat belt installation, but fitting help can be obtained from:
  • Vehicle Owner’s Manuals/Dealers
  • Outlets specializing in parts for particular vehicle types (i.e. minibuses and coaches, motorhomes, kit cars, race / rally cars, motorhomes, work equipment)
  • Garages / Workshops – Most provide a fitting service or know someone who does
  • Automotive or Vehicle Engineers or Mechanics
  • Outlets specializing in particular makes of vehicles (i.e Classic Car Specialists)

 Our aftermarket seatbelts are designed to fit many different vehicles. Before purchasing your seat belts, you will have to determine which seat belts will fit into your vehicle based on mounting points available in your car, required length, and available space for retractor housing.  Please be advised that our universal seat belts will not fit every vehicle and they may require some modification to the mounting points to fit some vehicles. It is very important to review our seat belt installation guides and measure your vehicle before you buy!

If you have any questions about whether or not our seatbelts will work for you, please e-mail us at

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The OEM Seatbelts Team


What Seat Belt will fit my vehicle?

    These are aftermarket seat belts and should not be considered original factory replacement seat belts for any car. Because we work with the leading OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) it is possible for us to match individual parts such as buckles, tongues, retractors or trim coverings.  You just have to ask.  If you require an original factory replacement part YOU MUST contact your vehicles manufacturer.  However, if your seat belt is no longer in production, impossible to find, or if you don't want to shell out hundreds for the price for the original seat belt, then an OEM seat belt may be the best solution for you. Our seat belts are affordable and fit most cars and vehicles on the road today, and they can also be used for off-road vehicles.


How will I know if this seat belt fits my vehicle?

    Check before ordering.  We legally cannot tell you that any of our seat belts fit your car or vehicle. Our Seat Belts are designed to be generic in order to cover as many applications as possible. There is no list or reference that matches our aftermarket Seat Belts with your factory application. You can read about “How to Measure Seat Belts” to find the best replacement available based on length and buckle style. When purchasing a retractable safety belt please ensure you will have enough clearance for the retractor housing. All retractors should be mounted directly beneath the shoulder loop either on the vehicle “B” pillar or to the floor with "L" brackets.  The seat belt webbing should always feed vertically from the retractor.


How do I know if I will be able to install/replace my seat belt?

    Before ordering please verify you can remove all trim covering access to your seat belt and hardware. Newer vehicles may hide retractors and components behind plastic panels. You will also want to check there are no obstacles in the path of the seat belt webbing.


How do I confirm what Seat Belt length I will need.

    Always check if our belts will be long enough to fit your application prior to ordering. If you do not see the information you are looking for under “How to Measure Seat Belts” please email us at and we will be happy to assist you.

Make sure to measure both sides of your existing seat belt.

  • Our Lap Belts range from 60 up to 90 inches in total length.
  • Our 2-Point retractable seat belts range from 43 to 55 inches on the retractor side, and the buckle side varies depending on the buckle (cable, webbing, metal bracket, etc.).
  • Our 3-Point retractable from 110 to 140 inches on retractor side (depending on the model), and buckle lengths vary depending on the model and type of buckle (cable, webbing, metal bracket, etc.).


How do I know what length Buckle I will need?

    If you have an existing seat belt you are replacing, measure the length of that buckle.  If you are installing a seat belt for a new application, you must measure the length between where the buckle head goes, and where the other end of the buckle will be anchored.  Our Buckle lengths vary depending on the seat belt model. We offer a wide variety of buckles to help you find a match as close as possible to your original.

    If you require additional information, click on any of our belts and read our item specifications.

    NOTE: Our seatbelts are sold as aftermarket/universal seat belts and are not designed to work with all other OEM factory components or sensors. Seat belts must be replaced as a complete unit. Do NOT mix and match our tongues/buckles with other equipment components; they will not match up correctly.


How do I mount the retractor?

    If you are ordering a 3-Point retractable seat belt, the RETRACTOR MUST MOUNT VERTICALLY DIRECTLY BENEATH THE SHOULDER LOOP, AND THE WEBBING MUST EXIT AT 90°.   Do NOT mount a 3-Point retractor at an angle. If necessary, use a level to ensure proper installation. Do not mount the retractor flush to the floor, behind seats, or on the ceiling. 3-Point retractors feature ELR technology and were designed to work only at a specific angle, and are not designed to work in these other positions -- they will lock improperly, and will not function in a crash. 

Our 2-Point retractors feature ALR technology, and can be mounted at any angle.


What if my vehicle never had seat belt?

    Some custom applications where seat belts were not originally part of the vehicle may required drilling holes and using re-enforcement washers to support the seat belt anchors.  Make sure you understand anchoring requirements, or have this performed by a licensed mechanic.  We only sell hardware kits to mount seat belts to an existing anchorage point. 

    Our Retractable seat belts work with inertia reels and must be mounted vertically. If you do not already have a location to mount the retractors vertically to the vehicle’s “B” Pillar, and anchor points there are not able to be installed, you may will need Hardware Kit #1 or Kit #2 as well as the 90° "L" brackets supplied thru our website to mount the retractor to the floor (VERTICALLY).


Where are OEM seatbelts made?

    Our seat belts are all manufactured by Original Equipment Manufacturers of seat belts. is proud to offer Seat Belts that are assembled, sewn, finished and packaged in the U.S.A. with foreign & domestic components.