How to Measure Seat Belts

    A common question we get from customers is how to best measure my vehicle for seat belts.  Determining the proper dimensions of your seat belt is critical for safety. Once the seat belt has been installed it cannot be returned.

Determining Lap Belt Length

    The first thing to know is that all of our lap belts are adjustable, either by an Automatic Locking Retractor, or manually by pulling the free webbing end on the non-retractable lap belts.   So you will have no problem making the belt tight enough with our 2-Point seat belts.  You want to make sure you have enough webbing, especially if your anchorage points are far away from the seat, but you don't want too much webbing so that it is gathering in the seat.  

You can start measuring by sitting in the seat with it slid to the position that is most comfortable for the driver/passenger. Then, measure from the outside mounting point for the seat belt, following the path that you want the belt to follow up to the other anchorage point.  Keep in mind that for retractable and non-retractable seat belts, the ideal buckle location is at the occupant's hip.  Therefore the male side is typically longer than the female (buckle) side.  Please feel free to mail us at with any questions regarding your vehicle seat belt measurement requirements.

Belt Length

Buckle Measurements

    The images below show how we measure buckles.  For all buckle styles, the measurement is taken from the top of the buckle to the center of the mounting hole. The buckle head should be at or behind and below the occupant's hip.  Therefore you will need to measure from this location to the buckle anchorage hole in your vehicle. If the desired length is not available, a custom order will be required.

Cable Buckle Length


Webbing Buckle Length

Metal Bracket Buckle Length