General FAQs

    Our goal is to answer common questions about our company, products, customer satisfaction, and placing an order.


How long does it take to get my order?

    Normally our seat belts, harnesses, and other products ship within the same week your order is placed (not including weekends or holidays).  If there is a delay for any reason we will let you know.  We can also produce a custom order and typically ship them in 2-7 days. 

Are your belts federally approved?

    The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) is the governing agency under the Department of Transportation (DOT) for on-road, highway vehicle safety. The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) is administered by the NHTSA. Our belts are tested and certified to meet FMVSS 209 and 302 which are the standards related to seat belts. The certification tag is located on all of our seatbelts.  Harnesses are certified by SFI and FIA, and certification tags are located on all of our harnesses.

Can I have a custom seat belt made? How much will it cost?

    Yes, depending on what you need, we might be able to offer custom seatbelts. Complete the information on our Custom Seat Belt page: The cost depends on which seat belt you order but typically there is no additional charge for custom seat belts.

Can I special order a custom length?

    Yes, you can order a custom length of belt. If you do not see the length that you need, send an email to and we will work to get your custom order together along with a price. In order to understand which dimensions we will need, please visit the seat belt installation guides.

Can I purchase a seatbelt for my specific vehicle? has a large selection of seat belts designed to fit most vehicles. If you do not think these seat belts will fit in your vehicle contact us via email: We can also custom make a seatbelt just for you. For more information on specific questions regarding fitting seat belts into your vehicle, check the seat belt installation guides.

What does OEM stand for?

    OEM is an acronym for Original Equipment Manufacturer.  All of the seat belts, harnesses, and accessories here are manufactured by the leading Original Equipment Manufactures.  Almost every other website selling seat belts (even some claiming to be manufacturers) are selling Asian products, including copies of old seat belt designs, at significantly marked up prices.  OEM seatbelts is the only online sales website that offers leading technology from the top automotive original seat belt manufacturers, and we give it to you for the best possible price.

Why should I buy my seat belt from OEM Seatbelts?

    OEM seatbelts offers the best QUALITY and VALUE you will find anywhere online.  We sell only the highest quality seat belts, and offer them to you at the best price.  Just check any other website or online reseller to see.  This is because we have long-term relationships with the leading Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Can I return seat belts that I purchase from

    Because seat belts are a safety product, unfortunately we cannot restock any seat belts we sell.  Therefore we cannot accept returns.  We are able to make modifications you may need to adapt the seat belt to your needs.

Do you ship to anywhere in the world?

    We ship to most places in the world.  This should be accomplished at checkout.

Can I replace just one-side of my seatbelt?

    Different seat belts use different tongues (male side) and buckles (female side), and for safety purposes, seat belts should be bought as a set.  Each seat belt is designed to work in combination.  We are not able to guarantee a match for the different sides of the belt as there are different designs.

What are your hours of operation? is open from 9 am to 5 pm (US Central) from Monday to Friday. We are also closed on federal holidays.