Seat Belt Webbing / Per Yard

Seat belt webbing is made for industrial and consumer applications that call for a light weight heavy duty webbing. This is the webbing we use for all our seat belts. It is the most economical webbing because it is manufactured in large scale. Our seat belt webbing is available in a number of different colors to complement your interior. All our seat belt webbing is intended for vehicle use only, and is therefore more expensive than webbing found in craft, fabric, or textile stores. This webbing passes all safety regulations required for vehicular use. 

 Do not attempt to repair your seat belt if you are not a qualified professional. Seat Belt repairs require knowledge of the components, approved stitching patterns, special thread, and a federal license. Improper installation may result in death or injury. 


Please Note: Webbing is sold by the yard. All Webbing is non-refundable, non-exchangeable once cut from the roll.

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