Universal 3 Point seat belt with choice of buckle (110)

  • This 110" (fully extended) 3-point seatbelt is ideal when you want more force from the retractor when anchor points are closer together.   This Universal 3 Point retractable seat belt is designed for these situations.  This seatbelt has 110" of black webbing, a black metal pillar loop (not shown on the belt image here, but shown as a separate image), a lay flat tongue, and a choice from different seatbelt buckles.  

    • Compliant with Federal Regulations FMVSS 209, FMVSS 302.
    • Belt includes 110" of black webbing 
    • Black metal pillar loop
    • Black Webbing Measures 1 7/8" wide
    • Buckle head measures approximately 2 7/8" x 1 7/8"
    • Lay flat Tongue allows a compact fit.
    • Seat belt has a 90° Retractor without a retractor cover; retractor must be mounted vertically with webbing extending straight up.

Universal Seat Belts

This is a universal fit 3-point replacement seat belt, and is designed to fit in many different types of vehicles with little or no modifications.  It is interchangeable between the left side and right side, and can be used for driver or passenger seats.  

Installation bolts and nuts are also available for purchase.

Universal 3 Point Seat Belt Product Features

All OEM Seatbelts are assembled, sewn, tested and approved in the United States

Most situations don't require more than 110" of webbing, and in many cases this extra webbing causes problems and just takes up space on the retractor spool.  This is especially true if you need to mount the retractor higher, or have a lower pillar loop mounting location; less webbing is needed. 

Replacement Seat Belt Notes

  • One mounted these universal 3-Point seat belts are self-adjusting in length
  • These universal seat belts are retractable.
  • These universal seat belts are 3-point seat belts, and have three anchorage locations.
  • If proper anchor points are not present in your vehicle, then proper anchorage points must be installed by a professional before seat belt installation.

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